Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 2...Why am I hungry!

Weigh-in: 196
Geeeshhh.  It's day two and I'm going to bed hungry.  What the hell?  I think it's because all I ate was eggs mostly today.  Maybe I need to add more to the eggs....avocado, bacon, cheese?  I went to Lowes Home Improvement to buy a fastener to hang something for my wife and the whole way there all I can think of is, "what kind of food can I find?".  Instead of tubing my agenda for greatness, I went into Walmart and got some pre-cooked bacon, lettuce, tomato so I could make some salad.  It worked out ok.....but I'M STARVIN!

I need to find better food to fill up on.  I would love to have some macadamia nuts, walnuts, pecans but with my adult braces, I can't eat them.  My wife's friend, Katherine, hates it when I show her my adult braces after I eat.....makes her want to vomit.  Then she can't stand that I say the word vomit.  Then I die laughing.

I'm still motivated to make this work though.  I'm disgusted by my belly :(

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