Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 3...The Break-Up

Weigh-in:  196
I decided that I'm breaking up with my food.  She is just too demanding.  I feel like we are just growing apart and not wanting the same thing.  She is always nagging me and frankly, I just want to consume her!  I'm obsessed with her!'s not healthy.

I unintentionally didn't have breakfast this morning...just a coffee.  Lunch was late due to business meetings.  I was STARVING so I ate a Cook-Out burger (high five cause it was awesome) but I threw away the bun.  I realized that I haven't discussed the issues I have with eating.  I don't have a problem with sweets.  I could step on any bar of chocolate or piece of candy.  Except ice cream cause that should be a food group. 

Hello, my name is Matthew......I'm a carboholic.

Anyway, my problem is the pasta, rice, and f'in bread.  I love me some bread...corn bread, sweet bread, french bread (that just leads to french toast), ciabatta bread.....I can do this all day.  I have found some pasta that is low carb and that works great.  However, in the beginning, I need to really limit my bad carbohydrate intake.

Essenttially, I eat any meat, cheese, vegetable, and some berries.  Tonight was the exception cause my baby fried up that flounder.....mmmmm mmmmmm mmmm (in my best southern drawl) it is soooooo good.

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