Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 1....it begins

Weigh-in:  198
I'm starting this journal so that I can watch the transformation of my mind, spirit, and body.  I've come to the conclusion that I am out of balance.  I have a solid handle on work, but my personal and spiritual life are not in line.   I eat whatever the hell I want.  I don't feel like I get much done around the house.  I seem to know more about what is on TV and what the channels are (SIDE BAR: make a mental note...that is always a sure sign that you are wasting time.  There is NOTHING valuable on the TV that is worth watching.  The exceptions are major events that are live.  You wouldn't know about those anyway!)

So here is how it started.  I sat on the couch looking up Delta flights for work and suddenly the computer dies and I see the image of myself in the computer screen.  I see what looks to me like an enormous spare tire around my waste.  I think.....damn that is just embarrassing.  I take hold of the blubber with both hands and give it a shake.  I feel like Tim Allen from "The Santa Claus" wondering if this is a weight problem.  I'm 37 and I have no reason why I shouldn't be in the best of health.  Kids need to be bathed, previous engagement, too tired, my wife doesn't motivate me (this isn't the case for me.....my wife took offense!), there isn't any food that I can eat.  ALL PATHETIC EXCUSES.  The answers are glaring in front of me.  Get up earlier, stop watching TV, get on the elliptical machine, go to the grocery store and buy your own damn food!

I'm a metric person.  It's a fact that anything you track you will improve on.  Take your measurements, weigh yourself, write down what you eat.  Not only will you provide yourself with a perspective on what you REALLY are like but you might surprise yourself on how it motivates you to try even harder.

I found this cheap ($.79) little composition book.  I use it to log the food that I eat.  I put in EVERYTHING including a crappy little cheese block.  You'd be surprised how much food you consume.  The crappy part is I'm actually going to bed hungry!  I need to get some fattier food.  All the "fat free" clacker shoe chicks freak out when I say this.  Fat is NOT the enemy.  Well non-saturated fat at least.  Good fat is actually the good energy your body needs and is more complex to break down so it requires more energy....burns more calories!  Anyway, the book works because by tracking the food I eat, I actually hold myself accountable.  I don't want to have to write that I ate the Twinkies I was ogling.  Or perhaps the harmless spoonful of Rum Raisin Haagan-Dazs.  I actually bought that a couple of days ago and now I'm PISSED.  I know it's in the freezer.  I know I want it (my mouth is watering now).  But I REFUSE to have to write it in the book.

This better be worth it....

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